Make one final dues payment for life.
Create a Lodge endowment fund.
Leave a living legacy.
All for $800.00.

The bottom line is simple. You pay no more Lodge dues, and your Lodge will receive the benefit of your endowed fund for as long as the Lodge exists. Dues are only going up. But with an Endowed Membership, you will never have to worry about dues increases again. If you are interested in buying an Endowed Membership to memorialize or honor someone, or if you wish to purchase a membership on the installment plan, you must contact your Lodge Secretary for more information.

How it works

1. Fill out the form (available from the Lodge Secretary).

2. Send the completed form and a check for $800 payable to the “Endowed Membership Account” to your Lodge Secretary by August 31.

3. Your Lodge secretary will bill you one more time for payment of your annual dues while Endowed Membership funds are invested and begin to earn interest.

4. The next year, and each year thereafter, your secretary will send you a dues card. The annual proceeds may be more or less than the annual dues, but they will go on for as long as the Lodge exists.